Youtube Shorts finally arrive in Malaysia

Malaysian YouTubers are now able to record and upload YouTube Shorts as the beta version finally arrives. Joining the likes of TikTok and Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts is the video-sharing platform’s take on short-form videos recorded on smartphones.

With Shorts, users can upload videos up to 60 seconds while being able to add text and captions as well as the ability to “remix” other videos and shorts. There will also be a basic filter feature for creators to colour correct their videos as well.

However, what sets Shorts apart from other platforms is the ability for users to sample audio from a plethora of videos all across YouTube. Creators will also be able to decide if they don’t want their long form video remixed.

In fact, if the original creator of a video that you remixed ends up deleting their post, your Short will be muted, unlisted and will be scheduled for deletion after 30 days.

Currently, the easiest way for most users to view Shorts on the YouTube app is by entering the keyword “shorts” or the hashtag #shorts in the Search bar. You’ll also be able to see Shorts displayed on your main YouTube timeline.

However, if you don’t have the beta version to post YouTube Shorts, you can still upload a vertical video not exceeding 60 seconds and hashtag #Shorts at the end of it.

YouTube reports that the Shorts player has amassed over 6.5 billion views a day all over the world.

As the beta version is being tested by selected users, the feature should be available to everyone hopefully in the near future.

However, as users have been able to view Shorts since last year, YouTube is also going to improve the viewing experience by adding a dedicated Shorts tab on mobile.

Youtube Shorts video

Source: SoyaCincau