You can pre-register for e-Census 2020 online again starting Oct 7

image source: thestar

The Statistics Department has announced that the pre-registration period for Malaysians to complete the MyCensus 2020 online has been extended, from Oct 7 to Nov 30.

They will then have until Dec 21 to answer and submit the questionnaire on the e-Census website.

Malaysians who did not receive a postcard with the 11-digit Invitation Code (IC) need to pre-register to receive it via email. The IC is needed to complete the first-time login process on the e-Census website.

Chief statistician and Census 2020 commissioner Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Uzir Mahidin said the second phase of the census, which consists of face-to-face interviews with surveyors visiting the homes of those who didn’t complete the e-Census online, has been rescheduled to Jan 20 till Feb 6, 2021.

Previously, it was set to begin on Oct 7 till Oct 24 after the e-Census pre-registration period initially ended on Sept 30.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Economic Affairs) Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed said the reason for the postponement was due to the recent spike of Covid-19 cases in Malaysia.

“During this period, members of the public who have yet to complete filling in the census form are advised to do so at the MyCensus website. This is to reduce the number of face-to-face interviews to prevent the risk of Covid-19 infection,” he said in a statement on Oct 5.

Mustapa said the Census Act 1960 (Revised 1969) requires members of the public to participate in the census and answer the questionnaire.

As of Oct 4, 3.25 million residents had participated in MyCensus 2020 or 10% of the estimated 32.7 million population in Malaysia, according to Mohd Uzir.

The e-Census has received the highest number of respondents from Putrajaya (62%) followed by Perak (17.4%), Johor (14%), Penang (13.6%), Negeri Sembilan (12.3%), Kuala Lumpur (11.6%) and Selangor (11.2%).

The lowest in terms of participation is recorded from respondents in Kelantan (4.1%), Sabah (4.3%) and Terengganu (4.6%).

Other states such as Perlis recorded a total of 9.1% followed by Labuan (8.9%), Melaka (8.7%), Pahang (7.7%), Kedah (7.7%) and Sarawak (6.5%).

For more information, visit the MyCensus website or reach out to the admins on the MyCensus2020 Facebook

Information Sources: thestar