Xiaomi's CEO caught using an iPhone

Apple products are popular in China so it is usually not surprising that it is the phone of choice of ost Chinese elites. But what should be surprising is when that elite happens to be the CEO of a major phone manufacturing firm in China. Xiaomi‘s CEO Lei Jun was recently caught by netizens on Weibo when he was caught using an iPhone.


Weibo usually detects the smartphone from which a post is made and in the past, that has been a way of knowing an unreleased smartphone is in the works when an exec posts a message using the unreleased phone. So, Lei Jun shared a post encouraging fans to buy a few books which shouldn’t generate any controversy. But it turned out the Xiaomi founder posted the message from an iPhone. The incident generated an uproar as most fans expressed their views about the discovery.


[Read the full news here => https://www.gizmochina.com/2020/05/12/xiaomis-ceo-lei-jun-caught-using-an-iphone-receives-backlash/]

I agree the comment of Xiaomi partner, Pan Jiutang. It is a great way to improve own product by testing and understand their competing brand. Even Realme’s CEO was spotted tweeting with an iPhone last year. However, do you agree with Lei Jun is using an iPhone?