Will CMCO extend?

Covid 19

Oct 23: CMCO start from Oct 14 midnight 12am until Oct 27, 10 days had passed including today. So we had 4 more days before government decide whether to extend this CMCO. Before we guess whether government extend this CMCO, let’s take a look at the statistic of Covid-19 new cases starting from Oct 14.

Covid 19 new cases

Based on the graph, the number still remain at 3 figures and the average is 763 which still consider high. However this might be too surface as includes patients from different states, so I decide just to take three states which includes Selangor, WP Putrajaya and WP Kuala Lumpur to discuss. The new cases in WP Putrajaya and WP Kuala Lumpur remained in one to two figures and less than 50 for this 10 days. But the new cases in Selangor a bit high, around two to three figures, but today new Covid-19 cases drop to 62.

covid-19 new cases for states

Image Source: KKM

Is it consider a good news for us? What do you think?