What to eat?-Have a simple bento!


  1. Sushi bento
    It can come in a variety of sushi put together in a bento( eg. maki, sashimi ,nigiri…etc.) The flower-egg shape and flower-cucumber shape is made with a food shaper. The triangular-sushi shape can be made using hand. It is to easy to eat too!
    Most suitable: Lunch/Dinner
    Difficulty level: 3/10

  1. Spaghetti bento
    Craving for western food? Settle in for this then! This is Aglio Olio with prawn and mushroom, one of the easier type of spaghetti to make. Of course, you can have other types of spaghetti included in this bento too!
    Most suitable: Lunch/ Dinner
    Difficulty level:4/10

  1. Ham and Egg pie
    The best breakfast you can ever have! Though preparation time may take a little longer as it involves baking, however after you taste it, you would feel that it was all worth it. The best meal to start off the day!
    Most suitable: Breakfast
    Difficulty level: 6/10

4. Salmon bento
Are you wanting badly for just a simple meal? This is for you then! Simple as it looks, it still needs time to make though. The tenderness and juicy salmon would definitely satisfy your cravings! A healthy meal as it comes with peas, salmon and egg.
Most suitable: Lunch/Dinner
Difficulty level:3/10