Want to get Twitter verified? Requests for verification are open again

Last month, Twitter paused their rollout for verification applications to make improvements on the application and review process. They just opened it back up, allowing users to apply for verification if they think they are “authentic, notable, and active”.

Twitter has a whole page about the requirements for verification, listing out details like the number of IMDB credits you need or the number of articles written about you.

Verification on the site has been quite an unstable thing over the past few years, with many popular users being unverified and even fake accounts accidentally getting verified in the past.

How to apply for Twitter verification

The first step is to make sure that you meet the criteria for verification. If you don’t, you will be greeted with a message saying that you are not eligible.

If you think you are eligible, head to your settings page, go to Your account, then Account Information, and you will see the words ‘Request Verification’. You can then start your request. If you don’t see ‘Request Verification’, then your account was probably automatically disqualified.

The next step is to select a category. You can apply as a government official, company, journalist, entertainer, sports entity, or activist. After this, you can choose the notability method, like Google Trends, Wikipedia article, or IMDB profile. You can then submit the relevant information right on the page.

After you submit your information, Twitter says you can expect a response through email within a few days, but it might take a few weeks if their queue is long. If you think they made a mistake, you can reapply in 30 days.

Source: SoyaCincau