Unifi Service Guarantee: Users will be compensated if service is not restored in 24 hours


Telekom Malaysia ™ has announced several initiatives to improve its level of customer service satisfaction. One of the key highlights is their Unifi Service Guarantee where customers can get a rebate if a service disruption is not solved in 24 hours.

Unifi 24 hours service restoration guarantee

Described as an industry-first, TM has made the bold move by offering a service restoration guarantee by promising to restore your Unifi connectivity within 24 hours from the time of service ticket activation. If TM fails to meet this commitment, customers will get compensation in the form of a RM50 billing rebate which is redeemable from the MyUnifi app within 30 days. Eligible customers will be notified via SMS or MyUnifi app push notification.

The service restoration guarantee begins today, 30th November 2021 and you must make a formal report via the Unifi Live Chat, private message on Facebook, Twitter, TMpoint or by email. However, it is only applicable for Unifi subscribers on the 100Mbps Fibre Broadband plan and above. The compensation currently covers internet failure and downtime (total loss of internet connection), not performance-related issues.

Although the compensation only covers 100Mbps customers and above, TM assures that they are still offering the same service level of service to all customers including users on lower broadband speeds as well as Unifi Air wireless broadband.

According to the FAQ, the RM50 rebate will only be shown for 30 days in the MyUnifi app. Once expired, it is considered void and will not be reissued. The rebate is non-transferable to other Unifi accounts and you can’t exchange it with cash, cheque or bank transfer.

Improved Unifi app for improved technical support

To provide greater assurance and assistance to its customers, TM has updated its app to provide an easyfix self-service feature. Before reporting an issue, customers can self-diagnose and troubleshoot issues directly from the app. If the problem persists, it will automatically create a service ticket and users can seek help by chatting with their customer service.

Unifi is also offering proactive service alerts so that customers are informed when there’s a service disruption in the area. The notification will be pushed via the Unifi app or SMS, and users can file a service ticket within a few clicks.

The Unifi app is also updated with a service tracker so that you will know the status of your service ticket. Users can also track the location of the assigned care crew and view the progress in real-time.

If you need help with your WiFi, TM has a team of Unifi Elite Experts who are trained to provide consultation and WiFi optimisation for your home or business in major cities and towns nationwide. The Elite Experts may propose and set up solutions such as Mesh WiFi to solve dead WiFi zones or poor performance issues.

For more info, you can visit the Unifi Cares page.

source: SoyaCincau