Undi 18: Voters urged to check and update pre-registration details before end of Oct 2021

Following the passing of the Undi 18 bill, the Elections Commission (EC) of Malaysia will begin pre-registration of automatic voters (SPPA) in October 2021. A total of 5.8 million eligible Malaysians aged 18 years old and above will be added to the list, and they are urged to check and update their address before the end of next month.

How to check voter pre-registration details?

If you have not registered as a voter in Malaysia, there are two ways for you to check your pre-registration details. The first method is to check online via the MySPR SPPA website. The website will be available from 1st until 31st October 2021.

Prospective voters can check if their details including their address are correct. If they do not live at the listed address, they can update their identity card details at the National Registration Department (Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara) by 31st October 2021. Individuals can also file an objection on the same website.

The second method to check is by scanning a QR code displayed at their respective Parliamentary constituencies located at 604 SPPA verification centres nationwide. These centres may include state election headquarters or office, post office, district office, land office, district council, municipal council, multipurpose hall, rukun tetangga and penghulu’s office.

Prior to this, Malaysians aged 21 years and above who have registered as a voter are eligible to cast their vote during state and general elections. Typically, you can register as a voter at your nearest post office by just bringing your MyKad. Alternatively, you can also register online through the SPR portal.

Last year, it was revealed that 4.2 million eligible Malaysians aged at least 21 years old have not registered as a voter.

The Undi 18 bill was passed with bipartisan support in July 2019. It was tabled by former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir Mohamad and the bill received 211 votes, which is more than two-thirds majority. With automatic voter registration, more youths would be eligible to vote which may affect the outcome of the upcoming 15th General Election. The bill also allows 18-year-olds to contest in elections.

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Source: SoyaCincau

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