Uncle Kentang offers himself as a rental boyfriend for a candlelight dinner

PETALING JAYA, Feb 16 — Malaysian philanthropist Kuan Chee Heng celebrated his birthday today with a deluge of well-wishes from social media users.

Kuan, better known as Uncle Kentang, received thousands of birthday comments on his Facebook profile where he often posts stories about his charity work.

He also shared a post thanking people for their kind thoughts on his special day.

“Thank you for all the wishes and the posters. Love all of you.

“May the world and the hereafter be safe. Life is simple. Be full of it.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, from my heart. You are all the best of the best,” wrote Kuan.

Uncle Kentang became a household name during the Covid-19 pandemic as tales of his humanitarian work inspired Malaysians to persevere through tough times and lend a helping hand to those in need.

Kuan and his team of volunteers worked tirelessly to distribute free meals and groceries sponsored by the public and private corporations to those hit the hardest by the movement control order (MCO) last year.

Many of the recipients resided in people’s housing project (PPR) flats and low-cost housing areas.

Kuan’s other charitable initiatives included Pasar 10 Sen, a market held in various locations across the Klang Valley selling donated goods to the needy for just 10 sen per item.

Kuan even offered his services as a “rental boyfriend” recently after reading reports about lonely Malaysians losing their savings to love scams.

He called it his “Saving Malaysia’s Lonely Women Campaign” and offered to have a meal with any woman for a rate of RM50 per hour.

He noted that any money paid to him would go directly to his charity work.

“I am available to any lady who wants to have a candlelight dinner with me. Just dinner and nothing else.

“Too many ladies got conned by virtual lovers. So exhausting.

“Book early to avoid disappointment. I promise I will not disappoint you. At least your money will go to the needful and hungry,” wrote Kuan, who included his contact number in the post.

Kuan completed his “rental boyfriend” profile with a shot of him dressed in a stylish biking jacket and sunglasses.

He also reassured his followers that the initiative is legitimate and that he simply wants to put a stop to Malaysians losing huge sums of money to love scams.

Source: Malay Mail

Kind of shocked. Is it consider a pleasure for him to give helping hand to society but also comfort the soul of a lonely lady?