Toastmaster Meeting at Bandar Kinrara @ Puchong

:date: Date: 21 Feb 2024
:timer_clock: Time: 8pm to 10pm (be there by 7.30pm)
:house: Location: CW Tuition Centre (BK) 20-1 Jalan 5a/2c, Bandar Kinrara 5, 47180, Puchong

Welcome to an enriching Toastmaster Meeting set to unfold in the vibrant locale of Bandar Kinrara on February 21, 2024. Prepare yourself for an evening brimming with opportunities for personal growth and professional development. This gathering promises to be more than just a conventional meeting.

What to Expect:
As the clock strikes 8 pm, the doors of CW Tuition Centre (BK) will open, inviting participants to embark on a journey of self-improvement. Arriving by 7:30 pm ensures you have ample time to settle in and acquaint yourself with fellow enthusiasts of effective communication and leadership. Throughout the session, expect a dynamic exchange of ideas, interactive activities, and supportive feedback tailored to hone your speaking abilities. From refining your presentation skills to mastering the art of concise expression, every moment spent here contributes to your professional and personal growth.

As the clock approaches 10 pm, and the evening draws to a close, take with you not just newfound knowledge and skills but also a sense of empowerment and confidence. The Toastmaster Meeting at Bandar Kinrara on February 21, 2024, isn’t just an event; it’s a stepping stone towards unlocking your full potential. Whether you aspire to excel in your career, become a more effective communicator, or simply challenge yourself to grow, this gathering sets the stage for your success.

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