TNG eWallet is offering RFID tags with RM5 cashback and free shipping

Thinking of getting a new Touch ‘n Go (TNG) RFID tag for your vehicle, Touch ‘n Go eWallet is now having a promo where you can enjoy extra savings. On top of that, TNG will deliver the tag to you for free.

To recap, the TNG RFID tag costs RM35 and this is a self-fitment kit where you can install it yourself. The RFID tag can be used to pay for highway tolls and even for petrol.

With the current promotion, customers who purchase the tag through the RFID function in the Touch ‘n Go eWallet will automatically be eligible for free shipping and RM5 instant cashback. From the TNG eWallet home page, tap on Toll > RFID. Then tap on RFID Tag to order. This promo is running from 5th January to 31st March 2022, and is limited to the first 500,000 orders. According to the FAQ, there’s no cap for users to redeem this promo throughout the campaign period.

If you have multiple cars, you can link up to 10 TNG RFID tags to a single eWallet account. All toll charges will be deducted from your eWallet and for greater convenience, you can enable the auto-reload function. You can set the eWallet to top-up a preset amount when the existing balance dips below a certain level (e.g. top up RM100 when the balance dips under RM30).

RFID is seen as the first step towards a barrier-free highway experience and it will be supported at all highways on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia including PLUS from 15th January 2022. Existing TNG and SmartTAG lanes are still available and they will be replaced with RFID in stages according to demand. The government aims to phase out TNG and SmartTAG use by the end of 2023, with a target to implement Multi-Lane-Free-Flow (MLFF) with RFID by 2026.

For those who need help with installing the tag, can purchase TNG RFID at an authorised RFID fitment centre.

source: soyacincau