The New Opera GX Gaming Browser!

Yes, you heard it right, Gaming Browser is now a thing. It would be quite difficult to get an idea of how different Gaming Browsers would be from normal browsers. Well, there is some huge difference between an ordinary browser like Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox and a gaming browser like Opera GX. The most important feature that people care about is the cpu limiter and ram limiter.

Opera GX was announced on June 11, around the time of E3 2019. It is still in early access.

Opera GX is a gaming counterpart of Opera web browser for Microsoft Windowsand macOS, developed by Opera Software. Uses Blink, V8 as engine to run. Built-in VPN.

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have you try? Opera GX

Yes, Did try. Quite fast, and the cpu limiter and ram limiter is actually very usefull and it does work! Quite usefull for someone that don’t have a powerfull computer to run games and browse at the same time. That way , ram limiter can ensure that it wont eat up too much memory and causing the game to lag, but on the downside tho, when u start to limit the ram usage, it does feel a little bit slower while switching tabs.So essentially, i think it is very usefull for gamers to browse and game at the same time , which is why the new opera gx is called “Gaming Browser”

Wow Interesting! Thanks for sharing

Installing . . .

It is working :grinning:

Wow haha, how was it in your opinion? Would like to know :wink:

After installed on that day and never use until now.

So how’s the result now?