The first Dadi Cinema in Malaysia will soon be open for business!Galactic Cinema, offering a luxurious movie experience!

Malaysia’s first Dadi Cinema will soon be open for business! Located at Pavilion KL!

It is known that Dadi Cinema Pavilion KL has at least four different types of cinema halls, namely STARMAX HALL, VIP HALL, GIANT SCREEN HALL and KIDS HALL, which will provide movie fans with an extraordinary luxury movie experience.

Dadi Cinema has released the photos of StarMax Hall through its official Facebook page in October this year, which shows that StarMax Hall is designed with the theme of galaxy and is very spectacular.

Dadi Cinema also tagged #ComingSoon in the post to announce the opening of Dadi Cinema Pavilion KL soon! Stay tuned to the Dadi Cinema Facebook page for the latest news!

"Dadi Cinema is a brand of cinema owned by Guangdong Dadi Cinema Construction Company Limited, which has opened more than 500 cinemas in China. Dadi Cinema is a chain of cinemas under Guangdong Dadi Cinema Construction Co.

source: leesharing