Test version: Firefox Extension Keep you Away from Spam

(7 May 2020) The Mozilla Foundation has presented a new extension for its Firefox browser that enables you to replace your real email address with an alias when filling in online forms and thus avoid the phenomenon of spam.

Private Relay, an extension just published by Mozilla is now available for download in beta version. You can create email alias which allow others for temporary access to your inbox when filling out online form or subscribing to newsletter. The email sent to this alias redirected to your inbox. Therefore you can still check message but protected from spam by robots.

What is Email Alias?

Forwarding email address. If your email address is simple address, you can adding additional name on alias. On the other hand, if your email address is complicated then for alias you can make it simple so that it is easy to remember.


Your email address: [email protected]
Email alias : [email protected]


You can destroy the alias anytime if you are done with the service so that you won’t received any email from it anymore. This helps to protect your privacy.

Firefox Private Relay Extension

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Although it is just a test version but it is a good try to avoid getting spam message. Do you simply give email to others either offline or online?

Interesting, thank for sharing. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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