Tesla deploys Southeast Asia’s first V4 Superchargers in Malaysia

Southeast Asia’s first V4 Tesla Superchargers are deployed in Malaysia

Tesla Malaysia has officially launched its first V4 Supercharging stations in Southeast Asia which are located at IOI City Mall in Putrajaya and IOI Mall Puchong. A total of eight V4 Superchargers and 2 Destination chargers have been deployed at the locations.

Similar to other Tesla Supercharger sites, the Superchargers (DC chargers) at IOI City Mall and IOI Mall Puchong are priced at RM1.25 per kWh. An idle fee of up to RM4.00 will be imposed if the charging station is 100% occupied and the vehicle is not moved after charging is completed. Meanwhile, the Destination chargers (AC Charge points) are still free until further notice.

At IOI City Mall in Putrajaya, the Superchargers are located at P1, East Zone F (Pillar F1). During weekdays, the parking rate for both malls is RM2 for the first hour and RM1 for every subsequent hour. On weekends and public holidays, the parking costs RM3 for the first hour and RM1 for every subsequent hour.

What’s new with Tesla V4 Superchargers?

The V4 Tesla Supercharger are capable of delivering peak DC charging rates of up to 250kW. According to Tesla, the Tesla Model 3 Long Range can recharge with up to 282km of range in 15 minutes with these chargers.

Unlike the current V3 Superchargers which have been deployed in other locations, the new V4 version comes with a longer cable, making it easier to charge other EVs once the charging network is open to other EV brands. At the moment, Tesla chargers are exclusive to Tesla vehicles only.

One major advantage of the Tesla Supercharger network is the ease of charging. Tesla drivers can simply “Plug and Charge” without the need to use an app or payment cards. The EV charging sessions will be charged directly to your saved payment card in your Tesla account.

Tesla Malaysia has now 48 Supercharger

At the moment, Tesla has opened 10 Supercharging stations (48 Supercharger stalls) and 11 Destination Charger stations (57 chargers) in Malaysia. Under its Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Global Program with MITI, Tesla is required to deploy 50 Superchargers by 2026 and 15% of them must be open to all EVs.

Source Link: SoyaCincau