Taang Shifu @ Puchong

2, Jalan Utama 2/2, Taman Perindustrian Puchong Utama, 47100 Puchong, Selangor

Operating Hours:
Monday to Sunday 11am - 10pm

Introduction :
Taang Shifu is a popular restaurant chain specializing in Chinese herbal soups and nourishing dishes. While there are multiple Taang Shifu outlets, including in Puchong, the specific location and accessibility details may vary. It is advisable to check with the nearest Taang Shifu outlet in Puchong for accurate information on their location and accessibility. Taang Shifu is known for its selection of nourishing soups made from a variety of traditional Chinese herbs, which are believed to offer health benefits. They also offer a range of other dishes that incorporate nutritious ingredients. Taang Shifu is a great option for those seeking a wholesome dining experience and a taste of traditional Chinese herbal cuisine.

Location and Accessibility :
In terms of accessibility, Puchong is a well-connected town with various transportation options. You can typically reach Puchong by car, taxi, or ride-hailing services. Public transportation, such as buses or trains, may also be available, depending on the specific location and routes in the area.

Operating Hours :
This restaurant open daily from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

What to expect :
One of the signature dishes at Taang Shifu is their Double Boiled Herbal Soup. This dish showcases their expertise in Chinese herbal cuisine, as they use a combination of high-quality herbs and ingredients to create flavorful and nourishing soups. The Double Boiled Herbal Soup is prepared through a slow cooking process, allowing the herbs to infuse into the broth and extract their medicinal properties. The result is a hearty and aromatic soup that is believed to have various health benefits. Taang Shifu’s Double Boiled Herbal Soup is a popular choice among diners who seek a nourishing and wholesome dining experience.

Conclusion :
In conclusion, Taang Shifu in Puchong is a well-known restaurant chain specializing in Chinese herbal soups and nourishing dishes. With their expertise in traditional Chinese herbal cuisine, Taang Shifu offers a range of signature dishes that are not only flavorful but also believed to have health benefits. One of their standout dishes is the Double Boiled Herbal Soup, prepared with a combination of high-quality herbs and ingredients. This slow-cooked soup is known for its aromatic flavors and nourishing properties. Taang Shifu provides a wholesome dining experience for those seeking nutritious and herbal-infused dishes. Whether you’re looking for a comforting bowl of soup or exploring traditional Chinese cuisine, Taang Shifu in Puchong is a restaurant worth considering.