Suicide case in IOI Mall Puchong

Source: Hype

Mental health is no laughing matter and should always be taken seriously. Yesterday (Monday, 19th June), the Puchong News Group Facebook page posted about an incident that occurred at IOI Mall Puchong, Selangor.

According to the post, a man fell from an upper floor of the mall in an apparent attempt to commit suicide. It was understood that the attempt to end his life failed as he was found alive on the ground floor in front of a convenience store.

The netizen who posted the incident wrote that it happened around 10am. It was reported that the police were immediately dispatched and arrived at the scene of the incident at around 11:25am where they covered the area around the injured person with a ward screen to avoid other shoppers from seeing the tragic sight, as seen in the photo above.

At the time of writing, the identity of the person who fell from a significant height still remains unknown. While it was not specified which floor the individual had fallen off from, it can be assumed that he fell from the top floor which is the 3rd floor. There is also currently no update on the injuries he sustained from the fall.

Later that afternoon, IOI Mall Puchong released an official statement on its Facebook page to confirm the suicide attempt incident. “We are deeply saddened over an attempted suicide incident, which is currently under investigation. Immediate action was taken by our emergency response team, and the case is currently being investigated by the police,” the management wrote.