Stir Fry Pumpkin with Minced Pork


Step 1: Prepare the ingredients as shown in the first picture.
Step 2: After that, marinate the minced pork using the ingredients as shown in the second picture.
Step 3: Set aside the marinated minced pork alone until you use it in step 6.

Step 4: Fry the dry shrimps.

Step 5: Add in garlic and continue frying.

Step 6: Add in the marinated minced pork and separate the minced pork into small pieces while frying.

Step 7: Add in the pumpkins and continue frying.

Step 8: Add in soya sauce and continue frying.

Step 9: Add in some water and continue frying.

Step 10: Finally, add in one teaspoon of sugar and braise it for 10-15min.

And you are done!!! Delicious!