Speed up the GET appointment! Teach you the steps to register for [Sinovac 3rd booster], in-store or blocked if not completed by February!

Since the Malaysian government announced that the vaccine is available to all Malaysians, I believe most of us are almost done with the Sinovac vaccine. However, since the New Coronavirus has been constantly mutating into various versions of the virus, this makes our original vaccination is no longer enough to fight the latest virus.

Recently, the government announced that some people can start to receive the third booster vaccine, but it seems that everyone is a bit confused about the news, either because they don’t know where to register or they are not sure if they need the third booster too. If you are also confused about your booster shot, take a look at the following details!

First of all, for the time being, all nationals over 60 years of age who have received any vaccine before, and those over 18 years of age who have received Sinovac, must receive their third booster shot by February 2022, otherwise they will be treated as having failed to receive the vaccine and may not be able to go to many places when they go out ~ If you also meet the conditions just mentioned, you can follow these steps.

  1. Click on the >> Protect Health website and click on Find/Register


  1. Select [Find Vaccination Centre (PPV)].

  2. Enter the correct information (PPV and Nama PPV can be ignored)


  1. Find the nearest clinic, call and ask if you can walk in for the third Sinovac booster injection, and then register with the clinic staff as a waitlist.


It is worth mentioning that the third booster vaccine will still be free of charge and you will receive an appointment through My Sejahtera, just like the previous two doses. Although you can wait for the notification from My Sejahtera without doing the above, the booster is currently given to people over 40 years old, so if you register through Protect Health, you can get your third booster shot faster!

source: goody25