SOPs rule the day in mixed reactions

May 8, 2020 : A security guard at a mall in Kuala Lumpur checking the temperature of a customer as part of the SOP to keep Covid-19 in check.

AS more Malaysians come to grips with new provisions of the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO), otherwise known as MCO5 or MCO Phase 5, there’s still some confusion over this or that SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). And why so?

Some state governments maintain they want to stick with the old MCO4 provisions, while some medical experts insist that it’s too early to relax things as the deadly coronavirus is still lurking around to strike.

And now state governments are told that they’d have to abide by MCO5, which has been gazetted as there’s no more MCO4.

Then comes a warning that their reluctance to fully comply might expose them to suits from industry players since the federal government’s policy has been made into law and is enforceable throughout the country.

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The economic downturn cause of MCO.Do you agree?