Small 200W GaN charger: Charge 4 devices simultaneously

ChargeAsap has introduced two new Omega GaN USB-C chargers that can provide 100W fast charging without the bulk. These compact accessories are available for backing via Kickstarter and both are said to be the world’s smallest 200W and 100W GaN chargers. Besides, the portability and high power means you will never need another charger for USB charging needs.

200W Omega Charger


The 200W Omega Charger comes with 2x USB-C and 2x USB-A ports that provide a total maximum output of 200W.

Weight: 220g
Dimensions: 88mm x 55mm x 42mm

100W Omega Charger


ChargeAsap also has a 100W Omega charger that features 2x USB-C and 1x USB-A ports.

Weight: 120g
Dimensions: 60mm x 55mm 26mm


  • Smaller

The charger is said to be up to 66% smaller than traditional chargers.


At only 220g (0.49lb), you can easily fit 200W Omega Charger into any pocket and bring it with you wherever you go. The 100W Omega is so small its smaller than a credit card and comparable to a pack of Eclipse mints.

  • Universal compatible USB-A Port


The USB-C ports support Power Delivery 3.0 while the USB-A ports support Quick Charge 3.0, Samsung’s Adaptive Fast Charging, Oppo’s VOOC charging, OnePlus Dash Charge as well as Huawei’s SuperCharge and Fast Charge protocols.

  • MacBook Pro Fast Charge

With the two USB-C ports that can push 100W simultaneously, the adapter can charge two MacBook Pro 16″ at full speed. Meanwhile, the USB-A ports can push up to 22.5W output (5V/4.5A). The 200W Omega uses Navitas GaNFast NV6127 Power ICs and it utilises Graphene Membrane with Nano Heat Sink to keep things cool.

  • World’s First 2 direction Prongs

Another unique design feature is its 2-way foldable prongs which can be adjusted at 90-degree or 180-degree angle.


It allows you to fit Omega charger into any tough to fit wall plug whether its a floor or wall plug.

  • Global pin converter

The Omega charger only comes with a US-style plug. However, it comes included with 3 detachable plug converters so that you can use it with Australia, Europe and UK sockets.


The 200W Omega retails for USD 149 (about RM621) while the 100W version is going for USD 99 (about RM413). If you back the product now via Kickstarter, you can save up to 50% or 55% off.

With the Super Early Bird option, the 200W charger can be yours for USD 75 (about RM313) while 100W unit is going for USD 45 (about RM188).

If you want to buy both, you can get the 200W + 100W Super Early Bird combo for USD 120 (about RM500).
Screenshot 2020-08-21 at 10.43.27 AM

Take note that there’s a shipping fee of USD 10 (about RM42) to Malaysia. The Omega chargers are expected to ship by January 2021.

For more info, check out the Kickstarter page.

Source: Soya Cincau

This charger is quite powerful. It not only save space while charging your devices but also can quick charge more devices in full speed.