Shopify down and some Twitter users guess is because of album release from Taylor Swift


Was your Spotify down at about 12pm today in Malaysia? It might be because of Taylor Swift. Spotify users online have reported that the music platform was down for a while right after Taylor Swift released her anticipated studio album Midnights .

However, Twitter was filled with Spotify users who wondered why the platform was down. Many speculated that it could be because of Taylor Swift’s album release around the same time.

On Twitter, Taylor Swift fans who used Apple Music also added to the sting, saying that Apple Music had no problem streaming the new album. A non-Swiftie Apple Music user also boasted that they managed to listen to the album before other Taylor Swift fans because they weren’t using Spotify.

Taylor Swift’s album Midnights was released today at 12pm Malaysian time. Spotify also announced an additional release of 7 bonus tracks under Swift’s new album—but so far, it doesn’t seem like the platform crashed again.

Source: SoyaCincau