Setel introduce Road Tax renewal feature, here's everything you need to know

Fuel payment app, Setel, has just introduced a new Road Tax renewal feature as part of its ambition to be an all-in-one motoring app. Besides offering contactless payment for petrol purchases, Setel has recently introduced parking payment, motor insurance renewal and even auto assist to help replace your battery, tyre and even deliver emergency fuel.

The Road Tax renewal feature has been rolled out and you can access it from the home screen on the Setel app. To renew, just enter your vehicle number as well as the owner’s details such as the name and IC number. You will then need to provide your vehicle details if you’ve not registered your vehicle in the Setel app.

Once you’ve completed the details including vehicle type and delivery address, you can proceed to pay for the road tax renewal. Take note that your motor insurance must be renewed before you can renew your road tax. Your road tax can only be renewed at a maximum of 2 months before the actual expiry.

Setel is currently having a promotion where you can earn up to RM80 fuel cashback when you renew your motor insurance with them. You can choose between AXA SmartDrive Enhanced, Etiqa Motor Insurance and Etiqa Motor Takaful.

At the moment, Setel’s road tax renewal feature is only for normal passenger cars, MPV, SUVs, Pick-up and commercial vehicles, with a single 12-month option. Unlike MyEG, you can’t renew road tax for motorcycles or the option to renew with a shorter 6-month period.

In terms of the overall cost to renew, Setel appears to be slightly more expensive than MyEG due to its delivery and service fees. Setel charges RM15 for deliveries within Peninsular Malaysia (within 3-5 business days) and RM18 to Sabah and Sarawak (5-7 business days). There’s also an additional RM5 service fee.

As a comparison, MyEG charges RM6 for deliveries within the Klang Valley (within 2 working days), RM8within Peninsular Malaysia (2-5 working days) and RM10 to Sabah and Sarawak (within 5 working days). There’s also a Priority next working day delivery option within the Klang Valley that costs RM20. To renew a 12-month road tax for a 1.4-litre hatchback, MyEG costs RM79.28 in total, while Setel costs RM90.

Source: SoyaCincau