Scam Calls and What you should do

Nowadays, we can’t refuse not to answer the phone, especially when we see unfamiliar phone numbers, but this increase possibility that we may encounter scam calls! So how should we know it might be a scam calls and what should we do?

You should start wondering when you get a strange phone call asking or telling you any of the following:

  • Request for personal data
  • Claim you have won the prize, contest or other and need your bank account details for claim process
  • Claim you have unpaid fees or fine
  • Request for OTP sent to your phone
  • Claim you had spent over limit on credit card and need to add limit

Things should do if receive suspicious call:

  • Do not provide your personal information and inform will call back with details
  • Do not say the word “yes” as the calls might be recorded to use as agreement for subscription or purchase
  • Record the conversation in case you need proof for disputes
  • Request for caller name, designation and company name
  • Request for reason they calling you if they call for debt, personal transaction details or etc that was very private

Source: consumer info

Did you ever received any scam calls? Did you still able to call back that unfamiliar phone number?

Feel free to share and helps others to stay alert on the technique might be used by the scammer :sunglasses: