RFID tag detection issues: PLUS will doubled the teams and testing

Source: Touch 'n GO

PETALING JAYA: Highway customers who experience detection issues at the RFID lane need not worry as PLUS Malaysia Bhd personnel will be on hand to scan their vehicle RFID tags with a handheld device.

“Should the tag remain undetectable, a coupon for a full detection diagnostic at the nearest Touch ‘n Go (TnG) fitment centre will be provided," PLUS said in a statement on Tuesday (Jan 18).

“If the RFID tag still has detection issues after the test, TnG will replace it for free,” it added.

It was reported on Monday (Jan 17) that highway users experienced traffic snarls on the North-South Expressway (NSE) stemming from detection issues with their vehicle RFID tags.

Works Minister Datuk Seri Fadillah Yusof then instructed PLUS to find a solution to the congestion issue.

“When it is a pioneering project, it will face certain issues that need to be solved,” he told the media on Monday.

The PLUS statement also said it recorded an encouraging 10% of transactions using RFID after its Jan 15 implementation across the entire NSE.

“PLUS thanks our customers who have migrated to RFID as their toll payment of choice.

“We appreciate the feedback and public’s views on the congestion issue that arose at the toll plazas and are making improvements.

“PLUS has doubled the teams assisting customers at toll plazas, and improved the visibility of directional signages to increase familiarity with RFID lanes,” it added.

Highway customers who wish to provide feedback can do so via the 1800-88-0000 PLUSLine or the chatbot on the PLUS App.

For information on locations for TnG RFID tag installation, visit the TnG portal at http://www.touchngo.com.my or download the RFID e-book from www.plus.com.my and social media platforms including Twitter PLUSTrafik, PLUS Malaysia Facebook as well as the PLUS App.

On Dec 16, the Works Ministry said toll transactions using RFID technology for private light vehicles would be implemented at the Juru route in Penang to Skudai in Johor on the NSE with effect from Jan 15.

Source: The Star

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