Recruitment Platform in Malaysia: Jobs Malaysia (Free)


It was a free platform to advertise your vacancy and it was developed by Kementerian Sumber Manusia Malaysia.

To start to use the free platform, you may need to register at employer portion.

After register, you will receive an email come with the user ID, login with the dedicated user ID and the password you had enter while to registered

Then you will come into the employee dashboard and start to advertise your vacancy.


  1. It was a very good concept from our government to provide a free platform for employers to advertise their vacancies.
  2. It was a very considered idea from the platform because you could see the platform provide duo language for selection which is Malay and English. It was also provide “Bantuan OKU” allow the user to change font size, color and even by hearing aid, which I had never seen from any other platform been considering on this function for web users.
  3. This platform is suitable to look for not knowledgable candidates for example factory operator, admin clerk, despatch and etc.
  4. The weakness of this platform was, it quite often happens error and bug while using, therefore must be very patient while using.