Puchong Landslide: Residents Demand Selangor Govt Action and Timely Solutions

Ng talking to the victims of Taman Wawasan’s landslide at the site.

Residents affected by the recent Puchong landslide urgently seek assistance and a repair timeline from the Selangor government. During a visit by Kinrara assemblyman Ng Sze Han, tensions rose as residents expressed concerns about relocating before the impending school reopening. The landslide impacted four cars and nine houses in Pusat Bandar Puchong, causing immediate community concerns.

He addressed these worries in a press conference, assuring residents that the first phase of reinforcement work, involving sheet piling, would be completed by December 24. To alleviate financial burdens, he also distributed RM1,000 to each affected household.

Acknowledging residents’ concerns,he pledged to advocate for compensation and engage with authorities to address the retrieval of cars from affected homes. The community remains focused on transparent and immediate solutions as they navigate the aftermath of the landslide.

Source: The Star