Pringles Vs Mister Potato Vs TopValu - Potato Crips Competition

Do you have snack at your office? What about Potato Crips? Which favour you are preferable? Original? BBQ? or Sour Cream & Onion?

AEON is my favorite shopping place to stock in my snack. Today, i would like to do a Potato Crips competition between Pringles Vs Mister Potato Vs TopValu. I choose Sour cream & Onion favour. Why? Because i love it very much. Lolz.

Here is the pricing between Pringles, Mister Potato & TopValu


In term of pricing wise, of the TopValu is the cheapest which is RM3.58 for 160g

What about let’s compare the taste & nutrition facts schedule stated from the can?

Pringles taste more sour and the crips is more soft compare with others 2 brands.

Mister Potato more sweet & a little bit taste like mamee, because they are from the same factory.

Surprising me that TopValu taste more equal, not too sour and not too sweet.

I’m not a nutrition, if anyone deos, may share your comment here which brand we should choose from nutrition facts. Anyway, gentle reminder please do drink more water and more do exercise if you cannot live your life without snack.