Price cut on cheddar cheese block followed Giant's HLRLL campaign

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 11 ― This week’s price cut on cheddar cheese block calls for a weekend filled with delicious delicacies.

From creamy pasta to meaty sandwiches or paired with fruits, breads or crackers; cheddar cheese blocks act as both ingredients and snacks.

Stocking up on cheddar cheese is not a bad idea as well too as an unopened block of cheddar cheese can last for months and you can save it for those sudden cravings in the future.

As part of the Giant’s Harga Lagi Rendah Lagi Lama (HLRLL) campaign, this week, the local hypermarket is offering a special price on one of their cheddar cheese block products.

Get hold of the Bega Cheddar Processed Cheese Block (250 grammes) for only RM8.80 compared to the regular price of RM10.00.

The HLRLL campaign which means ‘lower prices for longer’ will include over 460 new products with an average savings of up to 20 per cent.

Covering everyday essentials across selected fresh and grocery items, the campaign aims to help Malaysians save up on their ringgit amidst the tough times brought by the pandemic.

To help Malaysians get the most out of their savings on grocery shopping trips, Malay Mail will feature the best Giant HLRLL deals from now until March 2022 so be sure to check our website every Wednesday and Friday to find out what’s on offer.

Source: Malay Mail

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