Pos Laju lets you send parcels up to 5kg for just RM5, but there’s a RM1,000 catch

Just in time for the upcoming 11.11 and 12.12 online mega sales, Pos Laju announced that they’re bringing back their SendParcel RM5 for 5kg promotion. It lets new and current Pos Laju SendParcel customers enjoy a RM5 rate for the first 5kg for domestic deliveries, but they would need to top up at least RM1,000 for the P1K package.

“Malaysia is home to more than 1.7 million SMEs and MSMEs and adopting a digital platform such as Pos Laju SendParcel helps local entrepreneurs to connect to more Malaysian consumers. Through this promotion and other benefits offered by Pos Laju SendParcel, we aim to provide businesses with the best value on their bulk deliveries and hope to encourage more businesses to switch to digital services, in tandem with the government’s Shop Malaysia Online and Go-eCommerce Onboarding initiatives,” said Charles Brewer, Pos Malaysia’s Group Chief Executive Officer.

The Pos Laju SendParcel service helps check Pos Laju delivery rates and help book for deliveries online. According to Pos Laju, there are 8 different plans which feature different rates and benefits, and you would need to top up your account with credit to book deliveries as you go. All bookings include a pick-up service with no additional charges.

Pos Laju mentions that the users of the SendParcel service would get competitive shipping rates, easy delivery pick-ups, and easy bulk shipment uploads. Parcel drop-off is available at more than 1,000 touchpoints nationwide. You can sign up for the service through the SendParcel site.

To enjoy the RM5 rate promotion, you would need to top up at least RM1,000 (the P1K Package). This is quite reasonable for small businesses that regularly ship their orders in bulk.

According to the FAQ, the promo rate will only be for domestic deliveries to Zone 1 (Klang Valley), Zone 2 (Between states) and Zone 3 (within Peninsular Malaysia, within Sarawak or within Sabah). This means you can’t enjoy the RM5 rate to send parcels between West and East Malaysia, or between Sabah and Sarawak. The rates will return to the non-promotional package rate after 31 December 2021.

In earlier September, Pos Malaysia launched a set of special edition stamps to pay tribute to Malaysian frontliners. The stamps were designed by Red Hong Yi—the Malaysian artist responsible for creating the TIME magazine cover about climate change.

source: soyacincau