Pizza Hut change it's logo to green?

On Sunday, Pizza Hut Malaysia changed their red-coloured logo to green, and had many netizens wondering whether the pizza chain was going to serve only vegetarian pies or even if they’re planning to serve weed in the pizzas. However, it looks like it’s due to them announcing that you can now order pizza through WhatsApp.

How to order through WhatsApp with Pizza Hut EasyOrder

  1. Click here to enter chat.

  1. Chat with them either with your WhatsApp in mobile phone or WhatsApp web.
  2. Type and send any message to them or use default message (Pizza sedap 50% off sekarang. Get me one now.)

  1. Automated message shown. Select your language (1 for English and 2 for Malay)
  2. After that, you will be asked more information for your order—including just sending them your location using the WhatsApp feature.
  3. To pay, you can select either to pay cash or with a debit/credit card. If you select debit/credit card, you’d be sent a link to a payment gateway where you can complete the payment.

“With the launch of its PizzaHut EasyOrder, customers can now enjoy a hassle-free system that does not require them to download any additional applications. Instead they would simply need to save Pizza Hut’s number that is 016-7552525 , on their phones and place the order to get their favourite pizzas,” said their chief marketing officer Emily Chong.

“And our brand is always looking for new ways to push the boundaries of being innovative and creative in our delivery and promotions to better serve our customers across the nation,” she continued.

Besides delivery orders, you can also use their WhatsApp service to order pizza for pick-up. Customers also do not have to register, download any additional applications, or browse different pages of the menu.

View Pizza Hut Facebook Page for more information

Source: SoyaCincau

Since Pizza Hut claim it’s easy to order since it’s on WhatsApp now, would you consider to order Pizza Hut? :laughing: