Parliamentarians from 8 Allied Nations Shift Stance: Signs of Improvement

Datuk Shahrizat Abu Hu

December, 11th - Datuk Shahrizat Abu Hu, the Member of Parliament for Bukit Gasing from the Earth Coalition Party, has claimed that approximately 7 to 8 Members of Parliament from the National Alliance will soon express their support for Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar. However, he declined to reveal the names of these parliamentary members or whether they are from the Islamic Party or the Earth Coalition.

"I previously mentioned about 5 to 6 individuals, but now there are 7 to 8 who will support Anwar. Naturally, I cannot disclose their names here.

“Please stay tuned, and they will announce their support for the Chang Ming government at that time.”

Shahrizat Abu Hu, during a press conference held in Puchong today, also noted that some parliamentary members had contacted him and informed him of their intention to support Anwar.

“Some of them have reached out to me directly, while others have contacted someone else.”

Source link: China Press