Oppa Bear- Big Teddy Bear Store Retail & Wholesale

Is your girlfriend or sister’s birthday around the corner? Don’t have any ideas for a gift? or simply want to find in the Puchong area? Do you know that there is a bear shop in Puchong?

Credit: Googlemaps

Credit: Googlemaps

Oppa Bear :heart_eyes:is a company that sells quality teddy bears and is famous for online delivery throughout Malaysia. Hq Oppa Bear in Puchong can also walk in.

Credit: oppabear

The phraseology and emotions that can only be expressed by those who love teddy bears are represented by the name Oppa Bear. The surprise delivery services Oppa Bear works with are renowned for their commitment and good nature. Oppa Bear aspires to be the most sophisticated brand with the best value. It is not just an online teddy bear platform brand.

Credit: Oppabear

For convenience, you can just buy online on their website and the teddy bear will arrive at your doorstep. :star_struck:

Location: 40A, Jalan Intan 1, Taman Puchong Intan, 47100 Puchong, Selangor
Website: https://oppabear.com/