Ntv7 and 8TV Mandarin News merged

8TV Mandarin News
Source: The Star

Starting June 8, ntv7’s Mandarin 7 will be discontinued while 8TV Mandarin News will be extended to a one-hour programme, from 8pm to 9pm every night.

Ntv7’s Mandarin 7, which originally aired at 5pm, will merge with 8TV’s Mandarin News, which is broadcast at 8pm. Therefore, 8TV’s Mandarin News will be extended to one hour.

The merger is in accordance with the goal of manpower consolidation as advised by the Ministry of Information.

This brand-new 8TV Mandarin News not only covers the most immediate domestic and international news, but also includes a financial unit. Other new areas include: Interviews with Chinese Tycoon Series and Entrepreneurship for SMEs .

In order to boost interaction with the audience, 8TV Mandarin News will add a Facebook voting link, to enable viewers to participate in voting and to express their opinions on the hot topics of the day.

Latest schedule of 8TV’s Mandarin News

Noon: 12.30 - 1pm
Night: 8pm - 9pm

From April 1 onwards,

Astro change its channel for

  1. 8TV : 708 :arrow_right: 148
  2. ntv7: 107 :arrow_right: 147

Do you think best if merge together?

Too many option to watching news right now. Merge to focus and do high quality news will help.

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