Nintendo Switch OLED arriving in Malaysia on 8 Oct, priced at RM1,699


Back in July, Nintendo made a surprise announcement by revealing the Nintendo Switch OLED. The ‘surprise’ part of it wasn’t that fans weren’t expecting a new Switch console, but rather that people were surprised that the OLED display didn’t also come with other upgrades to the silicon under the hood.

Nevertheless, Malaysian fans of the Switch looking to get Nintendo’s upgraded console can look forward to its arrival soon. According to GamerBraves, the Nintendo Switch OLED will be made available in Malaysia Singapore and the Philippines on the 8th of October. These consoles are distributed by Maxsoft, the Singaporean company who act as Nintendo’s official distributor and representative in Southeast Asia. The Switch OLED will come with a retail price of RM1,699.



For those who may have missed the original announcement, the Nintendo Switch OLED has a larger 7-inch OLED screen, compared to the original Switch’s 6.2-LCD display. However, just like the original, it will have a 720p HD resolution though it can be bumped to FHD once it’s hooked up to an external display via HDMI. There’s also an improved tabletop stand and comes with a larger 64GB onboard storage. The new Switch OLED gets a LAN port on its dock too.

However, under the hood, it’s very much the same Nintendo Switch that originally came out in 2017. That means it still uses the NVIDIA Tegra X1 system-on-chip under the hood which already wasn’t the most powerful piece of silicon when it first launched. Nintendo will also not be addressing the Joy-Con drift issuethat’s plagued their handheld console since its debut. Joy-Con drift essentially when dust or dirt get into the sensors of the joystick, leading to random movements without any actual input.

Be as that may, the Nintendo Switch OLED may still be a solid console for those looking for their first Switch, or a gift to others with the holiday season coming soon. If you’re one of those, keep an eye out for when it drops later this month.

source: soyacincau