Netizen's Experience with Expensive Economical Meal

Netizen’s Experience with Expensive Mixed Rice

A netizen named “Steven Goh” shared his recent experience on Facebook, where he visited a restaurant in Puchong Kinrara Town to get a mixed rice. The meal consisted of white rice with one vegetable and one meat dish. However, when he attempted to pay using the Touch’n Go electronic wallet at the cashier, he was surprised to learn that the economical meal, with one vegetable and one meat, cost 28 Malaysian Ringgit.

As he had already placed the vegetable and meat in the food container, putting them back would be unhygienic. Consequently, he could only blame himself for not clarifying the price beforehand.

“One meat, one vegetable (maybe a bit too much meat?), but 28 Ringgit, and without any price tags. This is not buying in Pavilion area but in a regular shop in Kinrara. I’ve already put it in my container and paid, can only blame myself.”

Many netizens, upon seeing the post, commented that economical meals nowadays are not cheap at all, and the term “economical” seems to have little relevance. However, some netizens pointed out that the recent surge in pork prices, especially for packed economical meals containing meat, would inevitably result in higher prices at checkout.

Source Link: chinapress