MPSJ Yearly Parking Ticket only for RM 3

There is a friend recommend me go to apply this MPSJ parking sticker, as he mention is was for resident at Pusat Bandar Puchong.

Therefore i had markdown this recommendation, and told myself better go to apply for this as it was benefit to me because my office is stated at this area.

Today, I had execute my plan and paid for RM3 for the sticker application.

And… i was actually told by Pegawai MPSJ, the parking ticket is valid from 5pm to 9am. Lolz…

Our conversation as below:
Me: Puan, ini parking sticker pakai untuk apa ya?
MPSJ Puan: Ini sticker pakai untuk parking dari waktu petang pukul 5 hingga pagi pukul 9.
Me: malam hingga pagi?
MPSJ Puan: Ya, malam hingga pagi.
Me: malam hingga pagi ada pegawai datang untuk saman ke?
MPSJ Puan: Ya, ada.
Me: …

What do you think? Is any one been saman from evening till early morning at this area? Appreciated if anyone could let me know, shall i spend my time by next year to renew this sticker or not.