Motorcyclist rams into car after driver stops on SUKE emergency lane to take pictures

KUALA LUMPUR: An accident occurred on the newly opened Sungai Besi-Ulu Kelang Elevated Expressway (SUKE) involving a motorcyclist and a car whose driver had stopped on the emergency lane to snap pictures of the scenic surroundings.

Ampang Jaya district police chief ACP Mohamad Farouk Eshak said the motorcyclist suffered leg injuries after ramming into the rear of the car in the 2.45pm incident on Monday (Sept 19).

"The car driver stopped on the emergency lane (city bound) to take photographs of the scenic view before the vehicle was rammed by the motorcyclist. Both vehicles sustained damage,” he said in a statement here.

He said the case is being investigated under Rule 16 LN/166/59 of the Road Traffic Rules 1959 for obstruction leading to an accident, with those negligent facing a compound of up to RM300.

ACP Mohamad Farouk advised the public not to stop their vehicles on the emergency lane without a valid reason as doing so will only endanger road users.

Phase One of the expressway was opened on Sept 16. - Bernama

Source: The Star