Microsoft Edge Will Now Roll Out Via Windows Update

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The new Microsoft Chromium Edge browser began rolling out back in January this year. But to get it, you had to manually download it yourself. Now, the company plans to have the browser reach everyone via Windows Update.

In a support article, the company says that the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser will be installed when you download the Windows 10 update 1803 or newer. With the update, Windows will migrate and replace all instances of the old Edge browser with the new one. This includes any pins or shortcuts you may have for the browser.

This is good news overall. With the new Chromium-based browser, Microsoft Edge provides a much better experience than it did before. And the company says the new version will support “the latest rendering capabilities, modern web applications, and powerful developer tools”.

The new Microsoft Edge is not all about serious web browsing either. It recently added an offline surfing game to it, which even supports controller inputs. All in all, the new Edge browser has come a long way from its more notorious days. And by pushing it out via Windows Update, it’s more easily accessible to potential users. Which is great, as the Edge browser really deserves a chance as it is now.

Source: Microsoft