Meefah Christmas Fundraising: Help Animal Shelter in Semenyih from impending closure

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KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 27 — Dog food supplier SY Cheah does her bid to help animals in distress as and when she is able to.

From rescuing to rehoming, Cheah has done it all.

When she heard that her friend might have to shutter Meefah Shelter due to financial difficulties, Cheah decided to help out.

Cheah, who operates, said she and a friend, animal communicator Elizabeth Lim of Bark n Purr, decided to raise funds to help the shelter.

Speaking to Malay Mail, Cheah said donors could choose to either sign up for RM70 or RM100 packages that consist of different donations.

meefah christmas fundraising
Image Source: Furrenz Facebook Post

“The RM70 package will see 20 kilogrammes of rice donated to the shelter while the RM100 package will see 15 kilogrammes of kibbles donated.”

As for the donor, they will get a Christmas message from their pet, one Christmas tag, one pet ID tag, pet treats and a gift bag.

Cheah said she has known shelter founder Chan Mee Fah for over a decade.

“At that time, she was relying on her inheritance to run the shelter and she would decline my financial assistance,” she said.

“Seeing now she needs help, I cannot turn a blind eye.”

Cheah said she and Lim hoped to raise RM15,000 for the shelter.

“Since starting to collect funds last week, we have managed to raise RM2,000,” she said, urging animal lovers to donate to the shelter directly if they did not wish to purchase her packages.

Cheah can be contacted via Facebook page between 9am and 7pm daily.

Meanwhile, shelter volunteer Yong Lee Fong said the shelter would be having an adopt-a-pet programme from next month to ease its financial burden.

“Each dog is open for adoption at RM60. The adopter will be allowed to view their pet at the shelter at their convenience,” he said.

The programme, he said, would allow pet lovers to indirectly own a pet without them having to keep it at their home.

“The adopter also need not worry about medical problems as we will have a veterinarian attend to it if there is a need,” he added, noting that the shelter hopes to get at least half of the shelter’s 3,000 dogs adopted via this programme.

In the meantime, Yong hopes food donations for the dogs will continue.

“Besides kibbles, they can also donate rice,” he said, adding that those wanting to donate kibbles can contact Nicholas at 012-217 6318.

Those wanting to donate to the shelter financially can bank-in to Selangor Furry Future Association’s account at Maybank. The account number is 512978061258.

For details, visit their Facebook page Meefahshelter, or contact Yong (012-3312680) or Conniebay (012-2273188).

Malay Mail had previously reported that the fate of the 10-year-old animal shelter in Semenyih, Selangor now hinges on how much it can raise to save it from impending closure.

The shelter is said to be running low on funds to look after its 3,000 dogs, 60 cats, 20 tortoises, one pig and one monkey.

Meefah Shelter is a no-kill shelter and the dogs are strays that were caught by local councils and bailed out by animal lovers.

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Source: Malay Mail

Because of the epidemic, everyone’s income has been affected, which has left people with no extra money to spend on animals and many animal shelters might facing closure :cry: