#MCO2.0 hashtag trend from thousands of comments in Twitter


KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 11 — Thousands of tweets from concerned users in Malaysia are making the #MCO 2.0 hashtag trend on Twitter ahead of Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin’s special Covid-19 address today.

As millions of Malaysians wait with bated breath for the announcement, Twitter users have been expressing their concerns over another full-blown lockdown similar to the one in March last year.

While many users used memes, gifs and witty graphics relating to the movement control order, some shared their worries about the social and economic implications that another lockdown could bring to Malaysians.

A user, @Reenaax, wrote that the country can’t afford another MCO as many families were affected due to loss of jobs and pay cuts during the first one last year.

Instead, the user suggested an inter-state travel ban to curb the spread of the infectious disease.

“MCO 2.0 will do more harm than good. So stop demanding for it. A better option will be to close the state borders.”

Reenaax tweet

Echoing similar sentiments another user said more people could be out of jobs if the country re-implements MCO.

“Few of my friends said their company may sack some more employees if MCO 2.0 happens.”

The user, @husnaliszarai, also lashed out at those who poke fun at the situation with their jokes.

“Here on the timeline some of you made jokes of it. Life is sure easier for your right?

“It’s so damn hard to bring food on the table so be careful with your jokes.”

husnaliszarai tweet

Apart from those who are concerned about the economy and jobs, many students also took to Twitter their worries about their classes and Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination.

“Bye SPM if we get MCO 2.0. I don’t think I can do this anymore, I just get more anxious as the time pass by,” wrote a user.

“I told myself to hang in there just a little bit to comfort myself and now all the motivation is gone like that.”

zero302two4 tweet

Another student shared the same concern over the SPM exam and online classes should a renewed lockdown is imposed.

“As a Form 5 student this year, I wonder how we can score SPM with online classes for two years if MCO 2.0 is confirmed, not to mention about the new format though.”

sejeong_hanbin tweet

Some users also used amusing gifs and photos to show their readiness if a full-blown MCO is back in place.

azimhaikal12 tweet

AimanFaiz03_ tweet

Source: Malay Mail

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