McDonald‘s Pie Flavour in Malaysia and other countries

Below are some pies McDonald’s launched before. Let’s have a look.


Below are latest pie launched by MacDonald’s in April 2020

Source: Facebook McDonalds

Some pies that launched at MacDonald’s in other countries.


Pie Image
White Chocolate Strawberry Pie white chocolate strawberry pie
Mango Passion Fruit Pie


Pie Image
Bacon Potato Pie bacon potato pie

Did you try each and every flavour I mentioned above? If I did not list out any flavour, do let me know. Although I did not try every flavour but the flavour I prefer the most is taro pie. How about you?

Wow~ impressive, so complete. I like taro pie :yum:

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What do you think will be the next pie launched by McDonald’s?

Look forward for Musang king pie :drooling_face: