Markdown Guide: When to use Markdown tags in forum? forum support markdown format, I would like to share the method of using markdown language. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


To create a heading, add ’ # ’ symbol in front of a word

Element Syntax Ouput
H1 # H1


H2 ## H2


H3 ### H3


Use heading when it is a title or subtitle to separate from other content


To create a blockquote, add ’ > ’ symbol in front of a word

Syntax Output
> blockquote

Use blockquote when it is a person’s statement and mostly famous individual.


To create bold text, enclosed text with ’ ** ’ symbol

Syntax Output
**bold text** bold text

Bold text when you want to emphasis or highlight it from the content for instance keywords.
It normally used for strong emphasis


To create italic text, enclosed text with ’ * ’ symbol

Syntax Output
*italic text* italic text

Use italic tag for foreign words, dialogue or conversation, name of books, newspaper, quotes. It is used for weak emphasis in content.

Bold vs Italic

Both bold and italic use to highlight content in post. Consider to use italic tags first before using bold. Don’t over emphasis your post content.

Why important to use formatting tags?

Just imagine a post without any formatting tags, readers will not know where is the key points in the content or the information you try to point out. Use formatting tags properly so that readers won’t leave it quickly. The content is somehow attractive with some tags used in between. It most likely slow down readers speed in reading the content. Besides, readers can easily found information you try to convey.

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