L's Fusion Cafe, Desa Rishah Ipoh



It was actually a Korean Style’s restaurant & cafe.

Basically i just would like to try black coffee from the cafe but then when i saw the beverage menu - Eispanner Coffee (Vienna) was listed as the first drink from the coffee list instead of the common coffee as latte or mocha, therefore i decided would order something special for my day.

Well, my Eispanner Coffee come with green tea powder on top and every single sip tasted salty, i guess is was because of the icing cream layer. I felt little bit of disappointed that the signature cheese cake is sold out and i have no much comment on the strawberry chocolate cake.

There is not much option on the seat for solo customer like me and it was a actually style like a restaurant instead of cafe. If you assume is was the cafe may let coffee lover to hangout after dining, you may feel disappointed.