Landslide in Puchong: Cement at the front of fences for multiple houses collapses again

In PUCHONG, the Taman Wawasan area faced another setback on Sunday. The front cement fence section of multiple houses collapsed due to soil movement, as reported by the District Police Chief of Serdang, Assistant Commissioner A A Anbalagan. He stated that soil movement was detected around 3:30 pm.

Fortunately, a timely evacuation had taken place earlier, ensuring no injuries were reported. The ongoing recovery efforts involve active piling work, with 46 iron piles already planted to address the aftermath of the collapse. Concurrently, efforts to remove trapped vehicles are in progress.

The temporary relocation center (PPS) has been officially closed as all affected individuals have left. This incident follows a Saturday landslide, prompting occupants of nine houses to relocate due to heavy rain. Despite four trapped vehicles, no injuries or loss of life were reported during this earlier event.

Source: Sinar Harian