Kuala Lumpur Through KL20X20 Photography Project Exhibition in Eight Locations Around City

Kuala Lumpur Through KL20X20 Photography Project Exhibition in Eight Locations Around City

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Image Source: Malaymail

Look at Kuala Lumpur through a different perspective at the KL20X20 Photography Project which is happening till September 20. It started on September 10.

According to the KL20X20 co-founder, Nadirah Zakariya, KL20X20 aims to celebrate the iconic city of Kuala Lumpur, photography and local creatives.

The KL20X20 features 18 projects by 18 Malaysia based photographers which are exhibited across eight different locations around the city centre.

“KL20X20 was founded by myself and Steven Lee who is also the founder of Kuala Lumpur International Photo Awards.

“As we begin a new year and enter a new decade, we would like to memorialise a vision of Kuala Lumpur with a new long term project called KL20X20.”

“The aim of KL20X20 is to celebrate all that has been achieved in the city and its inhabitants over the last decades in making Kuala Lumpur one of the most vibrant cities in South-east Asia,” she told Malay Mail .

Even though things were moving slowly during the Movement Control Order, Nadirah is grateful that they are still on track aside from the setbacks of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Image Source: Malaymail

According to Nadirah, KL20X20 is taking a whole different approach when it comes to photographing the Malaysia capital.

“We want the artist to explore these questions; where do we come from, Where are we now and where are we headed as a society in Kuala Lumpur.

“We weren’t looking for the usual Petaling Street, KLCC kind of pictures, we’re looking for interesting stories and interesting points of views,” she said.

KL20X20 is also a way for them to help and involve local businesses around Kuala Lumpur and a way to get people to explore the wonders of the city by foot.

They have also chosen various venues for the exhibitions to be as accessible to the public as possible.

“So some of the locations are within walking distance and for some others, you can reach there easily via public transportation.

“We don’t want all the works to be exhibited in a gallery setting, we want it to be more approachable to people and that’s why we’ve chosen café’s and hotels.”

“Some of the places you can enjoy your brunch and coffee while looking at the artworks,” said Nadirah.

Among locations for the exhibitions are Rex KL, Tun Perak Co-op and GMBB Mall.

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Image Source: Malaymail

Nadirah said KL20X20 will not be merely exclusive for the art communities in Malaysia and that they hope to inspire both young and older generations in photography.

The KL20X20 Photography Project also offers workshops and walkthroughs by the artists where they will take people on a tour of their projects.

For more information on the KL20X20 Photography Project, please click here.

Information Sources: Malaymail