Keeping Cool as It Gets Hot Under the Collar

Keeping Cool as It Gets Hot Under the Collar

A Humboldt penguin grabs a seafood-flavored frozen treat at the Paris Zoological Park, France, as a heatwave hit the nation on August 10, with temperatures reaching around 40 degrees Celsius.

A giraffe licks an iced block containing carrots on July 31 at Chessington World of Adventures Resort in Surrey, England, as temperatures soared across the UK.

A ring-tailed lemur licks an ice lolly in Yantai, Shandong Province, on August 10.

Two sea lions play in a pool at the Zoological Park of La Fleche, western France, on August 7.

A tiger grabs a watermelon at the Oklahoma City Zoo on August 7 in Oklahoma City of the US.

Polar bear Noria seeks cooling in the water basin at a zoo in Rostock, Germany, on August 7.

Information Sources: Shine - Editor by Chen Jia

In the hot weather, animals have to cool down :rofl: :rofl: :ice_cream: