Junior Japenese Chef Workshop @ Sushi King IOI Mall

About the event
Junior Japanese Chef Workshop
Dear parents,

We are having a Junior Japanese Chef Workshop on:

Date and Time
27 April 2024, Saturday, 10am-12pm

Sushi King IOI Mall Puchong

A tour to Sushi King can offer not only delicious food but also experiencing cultural enrichment and social enjoyment.

We want children to experience:

  1. Japanese culture- from the decoration and ambiance to the dining customs and etiquette.

  2. Culinary exploration- explore new tastes from a diverse range of flavours, ingredients and cooking techniques.

  3. Healthy Options- Japanese cuisine often emphasizes fresh, seasonal ingredients, seafood, and vegetables, which can contribute to a balanced and nutritious meal.

  4. Social Experience- dining at a Japanese restaurant with friends or family can be a fun and interactive experience, as many dishes are meant to be shared and enjoyed together.

  5. Skillful Preparation- witnessing skilled chefs prepare dishes such as sushi, sashimi, and teppanyaki can be both entertaining and educational, providing insight into Japanese culinary traditions and techniques.

Please feel free to call or WhatsApp 012-9120877 for more information and booking.

Please book your slot before 12/4/2024
Hope to see you all there.

Taska Desa Impiana

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