JPJ automated driving test expect to be launched in April 2022

The Road Transport Department (JPJ) is currently testing out their new automated driving test—AKA “e-testing”. It is expected to be launched during JPJ’s 76th-anniversary celebration, which will be in April 2022.

According to JPJ’s director-general, Datuk Zailani Hashim, those taking their automated driving test will be “able to get their results immediately as the tests will be conducted in real-time”. He said that the system will “speed up the process tremendously” compared to the two-week waiting time for test results previously. Additionally, Datuk Zailani mentioned that “e-testing” would also help reduce the need for JPJ personnel to be present at driving tests.

“At present, six to seven JPJ officers are needed to evaluate drivers when they take their driving tests. With e-testing, we will reduce this to two or three officers. This will allow the department to utilise the extra manpower for enforcement and other work,” he continued.

So, how will e-testing work?

You can expect the new system to still involve the usual “road test” basics—including class learning, circuit, and road sessions. It will also include the current six-point physical driving tests like uphill driving, parking, and the three-point turn.

However, instead of sitting next to the students in the car, JPJ officers will be observing students from a control room. The new process will be assisted by cameras and other sensors.

Datuk Zailani Hashim was quoted as saying similar systems have been adopted in countries like South Korea and Japan. He added that the system can also ease counter congestion. Applying for a learner’s permit and a license renewal can also be done online “at any time”, and you can do so on

Source: SoyaCincau

Does students will be more comfortable without JPJ officers in their car?