HR Ministry: Over 2,000 Bangladeshi Workers Ready For Employment In Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR: More than 2,000 Bangladeshi workers will now be available to be hired in Malaysia following the verification process involving 15 of the selected 25 labour agencies from Bangladesh.

In a statement, the Human Resources Ministry said the previous technical issues that were delaying the recruitment of Bangladeshi workers into the country have been resolved.

“Interested employers, who have paid the levy and are looking to hire Bangladeshi workers, can send their applications to the Bangladesh High Commission to apply for confirmation of employment and work visa documentation.

“But do keep in mind that the entry of Bangladeshi workers will be subject to standard safety and health screenings.

"This will include compliance with the minimum requirements set by Malaysia’s Immigration Department,” the ministry said.

It added that the verification of the remaining 10 labour agencies from Bangladesh by the Bangladesh High Commission is expected to be completed in the following weeks.

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